In Light Of The Terrorist Attacks And The Three Weeks And Our Yearning To Return To Yerushalayim – Rabbi Binyomin Adler – A Repost – A Glimpse Of Redemption

The period referred to as Bain Hametzarim, the Three Weeks, is almost upon us, and it is worth our while to reflect on our current situation. This week we heard about the Israeli and terrorist group prisoner swap, where the Israelis received the bodies of two soldiers who were killed al Kiddush HaShem, sanctifying G-d’s Name, while the terrorists received in exchange live murderers with Jewish blood on their hands.

Although I normally refrain from using current events and politics as a springboard for insights in the weekly Torah portion, it is noteworthy what the terrorist declared when he reached his safe haven in Lebanon. According to news reports, the terrorist announced, “I return today from Palestine, but believe me, I return to Lebanon only in order to return to Palestine.”

Leaving aside the intent of this murderer’s words, let us focus on how this statement can be applied to us. We have been in exile for almost two thousand years. Every day in our prayers we declare that we wish to return to Eretz Yisroel. What does it mean to return to Eretz Yisroel? Are we saying that we wish to live a life completely according to the Torah, or are we merely engaging in some form of nostalgia? Every individual must decide for themselves what returning to Eretz Yisroel means, but there is one thing that we can all agree upon. The idea that we are all still in exile is a fact that no one can dispute.

The Gemara (Kesubos 111a) states that the Jewish People are cautioned from ascending to Eretz Yisroel in a forceful manner. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon every Jew to anticipate the arrival of Moshiach and yearn for the day when we will all return to the Land that HaShem promised to our forefathers. Thus, we should also declare, “we have left Eretz Yisroel to reside in the exile, against our will, but believe me, I am only in the exile in order to return to Eretz Yisroel.”

The Ramban (Parashas Korach) is of the opinion that there is a biblical commandment to seek out the construction of the Bais HaMikdash. Are we seeking to reach the point where we can be confident that the Bais HaMikdash will be rebuilt? Fortunately, we have an opportunity every week to tastes a semblance of the redemption and this occurs on the Holy Day of Shabbos.

The Rambam (Hilchos Melachim 12:4) writes that the sages and the prophets did not desire the Messianic Era for the purpose of dominating the nations of the world or for the purpose of eating and drinking and being merry. Rather, they desired the Messianic Era so that we should be free from oppression and thus we will be able to study HaShem’s Torah and thereby merit a portion in the World to Come.

Shabbos is a day when we rest from our labor and toil of the week and we have the opportunity to engage in praying to HaShem and studying His Holy Torah. The Gemara (Shabbos 118b) states that were the Jewish People to observe two Shabbosos properly, they would be redeemed immediately. We have the opportunity, this Shabbos, to observe the Shabbos as an entire nation. If we will all observe the Shabbos properly, we will not need the reminder of the Three Weeks and Tisha Baav to remind us that we are still in exile, longing to return to Eretz Yisroel. May we see today the fulfillment of the verse that states (Yeshaya 52:8) kol tzofayich nasu kol yachdav yiraneinu ki ayin biayin yiru bishuv HaShem Tziyon, the voice of your lookouts, they raise their voice, they sing glad song in unison; with their own eyes they will see that HaShem returns to Tziyon.


In Front Of Your Eyes

The “Anti-Israel” President is almost out of American politics (or at least the Presidential office). Jews should be celebrating everywhere. Kushner secured Trump the office with dynamic social media capabilities.

Now that a new future has arrived, we must take stock of ourselves. The Jews are “the people of redemption” and therefore must be hyper-sensitive to the times.

Though the press will try to tear down Trump, it’s irrelevant. The press serves to dupe the public and is a mere puppet of bosses who need sound-bites. The press doesn’t craft internal policy. Trump has the final say now and Israel will be the immediate beneficiary.

Trump filled his Israeli diplomatic team with wise and sensitive Orthodox attorneys who know how to engage the world with charm and sophistication. They can be relied upon to complete the Trump-Israel benefit package. That’s a done deal.

As White House advisor, Jared will often be the “first” ear to assess all matters. This is a Jewish blessing. It’s almost like having Esther as the Queen.

We are in year 5777. The Orthodox mind always looks towards numbers to calculate possibilities. The year 7 has tremendous significance in Scripture. The world was created in “7” days, representative of our 6,000 year world and we are now on the horizon to day 7. We wait for day 7 every week to celebrate “Shabbos,” shouldn’t we eagerly await the “final” Shabbos which is almost here?

One might be afraid to want or seek redemption, but then again who wants any more possible loss of Jewish life anywhere in the world. When Mashiach arrives, the other nations of the world will be subjugated to us, as Maimonides clearly enunciates.  This is a much better-case scenario than living at the whim of many barbaric terrorists whose murderous rages have been blossoming.

It’s a relief to hear that Rabbi Hier will be delivering an inaugural message. He, unlike anyone else, can understand what this new President means to the Jews. Rabbi Hier’s essence is about never forgetting a “Barbarian” who orchestrated “The Final Solution.” He knows relief has come to a nation.

Let us celebrate and dig deeper to push ourselves to attach ourselves to G-d with greater profundity and reach out to our fellow Jew with greater kindness so that we may celebrate an “eternal” inauguration.

Only Action Brings Redemption

The Medrash proclaims, “While the tribes were busy with the sale of Joseph, and Reuben, Joseph and Jacob were busy with their sackcloth and mourning, and Judah was busy taking a wife, God was busy creating the light of the Messiah.”

I heard a wonderful explanation to this teaching of the Rabbis. It is because Judah “took action” and looked towards the future in acquiring a wife that G-d looked to the future to create the light of the Messiah. Only positive action can bring redemption, not sorrow and regret over the past.