Ari Fuld Zt”l’s Last Drasha – Success Doesn’t Come Through The Leader But By Following Hashem’s Ways

TORAH LIVE. Did Moshe give Yehoshua the worst or best advice for a leader? Tune in

Posted by Ari Fuld's Israel Defense Page on Friday, September 14, 2018

Baruch Dayan Emet – Ari Fuld – A Redacted Facebook Messaging Text With The Editor

Redacted Facebook messaging text with Ari Fuld
04/23/2012 3:30AM
thought u might like this thoughts from an IDF soldier
thanx .who wrote it
Guy in my unit. We are in operations as I text. We are holding a stakeout and hopefully by the end of the night will arrest 2 wanted terrorists in his village
right..i hope the mission is successful..if you can keep me updated about it, i would appreciate it..thats only if you are able
After we are done I can give u more details. Two nights ago there were roadside bombs set up. One blew up under a jeep jThank God no injuries. Today we find the guy responsible.