Best Of The Worst

When looking at the two Presidential candidates, one might argue that we are in the best of the worst scenario. On the one hand lies an accomplished businessman with little political experience who seems to rely on his common sense to maneuver the political process. On the other hand lies a burnt out political contender whose most noble achievement was “accrued miles” while serving as Secretary of State. What then is there to do in such a scenario where so much is at stake and the two vying players are so unqualified?

But is that really true? Trump can compensate for his political ignorance with the right running mate and Hillary can mask her coldness and sound bite political strategy with good advisers.

Considering religion is in play, Trump seems to be in tune with the legitimate fear we now face every day. Some say he’s oversimplifying, but argue that to the relatives of those massacred in Orlando. Hillary seems to be willing to endorse any religion so long as they pull the lever on Election Day.

In terms of Israel, Trump seems to understand the everlasting bond whereas Hillary flip flops based on public opinion. She can’t even say for sure if Israel responded with reasonable force to a thug army that shot under the cover of hospitals.

Perhaps clarity will emerge with every passing day.

The Chazon Ish zt”l And Rav Avrohom’s Zt”l Father – When Ben-Gurion Wanted The Female Draft

As a Member Knesset, Rav Avrohom’s father, Eliyahu Moshe Genechovsky approached the Chazon Ish – who the family was very close with – on how to proceed with the vote regarding drafting women to the military. The Chazon Ish, who opposed the vote and expressed to Ben-Gurion the same, told Rav Avrohom’s father to miss the vote. Rav Avrohom’s father heeded this advice and traveled out of the country at the time of the vote and never voted on this measure. As a result, the Chazon Ish guaranteed to Eliyahu Moshe that he would have a son that would light up the world. Indeed, Rav Avrohom zt”l was that person.

As told over my great uncle, Reb Nachum Genechovsky zt”l