Kiddushin 5a – All OF Mankind Relates To Money The Same Way

“טבעא, however is one” (Kiddushin 5a – explaining that Kesef Kiddushin can’t effectuate a divorce and marriage because a coin is established through one mint and they all retain likeness, thus voiding it to used for divorce, as the prosecutor cannot also be the defendant).

The “shoresh” of טבעא is טבע (nature). When it comes to money, all of man is made out of one mint with the unending attachment to money.

The Steipler Is Learning While Doing Chesed

A family member of the Steipler always found it difficult to get to speak to the Steipler for he was always learning. Once, as the Steipler was peeling an item of food for his wife, the family member thought he found an opportune time. He went over to the Steipler whereas the Steipler replied, he has no time for he’s in the middle of a sugya (Divrei Siach – Parasha Korach).

Rav Avrohom zt”l held as well that one has an obligation to learn while doing chesed.