The Evil Inclination

רע (evil) spelled backwards is ער (awake). This coincides with the gemara (Kiddushin 30b); “Rav Shimon, the son of Levi said: every day the yetzer hara of a man strengthens itself seeking to kill him.” The yetzer hara seeks full spiritual annihilation of man. It does not sleep nor back down in this pursuit. To counter it, we must be alert every second of every day to fight this relentless war. Only then does man have a “chance” to persevere.

In-Person Appearance

Rav Avrohom zt”l came to the United States each year to speak on behalf of Tschiben. One year we visited him in the apartment he was staying at during his stay. One of our family members witnessed that there was a specific request from someone that if Rav Avrohom would just make an in-person appearance he would give him $100,000 for one of the tzedakah’s he was collecting for, and so it happened. Rav Avrohom was involved in many tzedakahs.

“In The Beginning” Comes Creativity And Health

Based on “drash,” the first two words of the Torah emphasize the need for creativity and the importance of health, perhaps the two necessities for survival.  Scripture opens, “בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית בָּרָ֣א – In the beginning G-d created” (Genesis 1:1). However, if we were to investigate the words further and place a comma between the words בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית and בָּרָ֣א , we could come out with an interpretation, In the beginning comes creativity (בָּרָ֣א – creation, creativity). Alternatively, if we read the words simply, the interpretation would be, In the beginning comes בָּרָ֣א, shorthand for בְּרִיאוּת, health. Indeed, to conquer this world one must be continuously creative which can only happen through the strength of a healthy body.