In the middle of a shiur, Rav Avrohom zt”l made the following remark. People look for all kinds of vacations, including entering the water and such. He said; let me tell you about a real vacation. It would be to enter the Beis Medrash with air conditioning, or even without air conditioning and open a Shelot Veteshuvot Maharsham, and to begin to look inside. Then, to read one Teshuva and review it over and over, several times, and then you will feel a real vacation. There you will find beautiful waters, rivers and springs, and you go deeper and deeper and feel greater satisfaction. There you will find mountains to climb and descend. In fact, he said, this week I read a Teshuvat Maharsham on Shleichos Ledavar Avera, and this is the greatest vacation one can derive pleasure from.

*Avrohom, Avrohom, Vayomer Heneini – Page 42

Moshe Stempel – Ruth And Kindness

R’ Shmuel Shalom Bender spoke on Megillas Ruth last year on Shavuos. R’ Shmuel Shalom Bender is a maggid shiur in Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. He began his words with the following pasuk in Parshas Ki Tetzei: “A person from Ammon or Moab shall not be permitted to marry into the Jewish people because they didn’t greet you with bread and water when you left Egypt.”

This pasuk was the source of the controversy over Boaz’s marriage to Ruth. Ruth was a Moabite. Therefore, Boaz was forbidden to marry her. However, the Sanhedrin at the time determined that the pasuk was only referring to MEN from Moab. The reason was that it would have been immodest for the Moabite women to have presented the Jewish people with food and drink. Thus, the prohibition didn’t apply to Ruth.

However, it remains difficult to understand why the Sanhedrin’s reason was adequate. If the Torah doesn’t want us to marry people from Moab because they lack the trait of kindness, why should it matter that the women were technically excluded?

Ruth demonstrated that the trait of kindness wasn’t entirely lacking among the Moabite women. Ruth gave up the life of a princess in order to help her mother-in-law, Naomi. We are supposed to learn from her that the middah of chessed is essential to acquiring the Torah. This is why we read Megillas Ruth on Shavuos.

This is based on a vaad given by Rabbi Moshe Bamberger delivered on Tuesday night, May 22, 2007 and recorded on Thursday night, May 24, 2007.