Bracha Goetz – Author Of 38 Books To Help Children’s Souls Shine – Stringing Pearls

How was your day?

Was it too long and boring?

Or bursting with blessings

That sent your spirit soaring?


How was your day?

Disappointing?  Well…

How you look at each day

Has a great deal to tell.


As another day ends,

How is it you feel?

Tired, but thankful?

-Or like you got a bad deal?


Each day’s like a whole life,

In miniature.

Was it just OK?

-Or something much more?


Filled with uplifting mitzvas?

Or bemoaning your fate?

There’s still time to string pearls,

Before it’s too late.


Want to have a good life?

There are not many ways.

Just one.

Fill up your life with good days.