Rabbi Efrem Golberg Of The Boca Raton Synagogue – Parsha Behaalotecha – Remaining Humble

Towards the beginning of the parsha, the Torah describes that Aharon lit the Menorah, just as he was commanded. Rashi says l’hagid shevacho shel Aharon she’lo shina, this teaches Aharon’s greatness that he didn’t deviate .

Would we suspect for a moment that Aharon would fail to fulfill Hashem’s command or that he would distort the proper lighting of the Menorah? Why do we need to be told that Aharon didn’t change?

The Sfas Emes suggests that Rashi isn’t telling us that Aharon didn’t change from the command, but rather that Aharon attitude didn’t change. The enthusiasm, joy, excitement that Aharon brought to that first kindling remained each subsequent lighting and didn’t diminish at all.

Perhaps we can suggest another interpretation. The pasuk is revealing Aharon’s greatness she’lo shina , Aharon didn’t change. He was elevated to the status of Kohen Gadol, distinguished, prominent, prestigious and yet it didn’t have an impact on him. Aharon remained the same humble person he was before. His status, stature and prominence didn’t change him.

No matter our accomplishments or achievements, our roles or titles, the friends or following we have online or offline, like Aharon, we must remain humble, authentic and at our core, the same person we always were.


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