From The Editor – The Center Of The World

If you ever looked at a child’s scalp, you will see a wondrous phenomenon. At the top center of the head the hair swirls around in circles extending out, almost mimicking the beginning of a universe. As adults we retain the exact same blueprint, though in children we see it in greater detail.

What’s the significance? The Talmud in Sanhedrin teaches: Bishvili nivra ha’olam – “the world was created for me.” This statement applies with greatest potency to a newly born child, as his first innocent breath exists closer in time to the beginning of the universe than his elders, which is symbolized in his circular, universe-like, hair sprouting. Therefore, this world, literally, in real time was created for him. Generally speaking, the child becomes the adult who, as well, is at the center of the universe that was created for him.

We know the Gemara in Kiddushin states that there are three partners in the creation of the child, the two parents and G-d himself. Therefore, a child is not a linear birth but a circular interconnected one. This partnership leads to the growth of a child who ultimately becomes an adult.

But let’s investigate the most important lesson of this circular physical manifestation on the surface of the child’s head. The head ” mind,” represents the intellectual curve of man. We are familiar with the notion, Hakol holech achar harosh– “everything goes after the beginning.” But based on drash we may interpret the statement differently to say, “everything goes after the mind.” The intellect of man must ultimately decide the trajectory of his actions, a concept that inherently exists in the mind from birth.

Here I would like to introduce a concept my late relative, Rav Avrohom Genechovsky Zt”l, previous rosh yeshiva of Tchebin, said over to me. He said, one must look to the universe to learn how to behave. The majority the surface of the world is covered by water, the center is made up of fire and the inner core is rock-solid. Therefore, on the outside we must be like water, flexible and understanding with our neighbor, our center must be guided by fire, namely the Torah and our inner core must be rock-solid in terms of our belief system.

Approaching Shavuos we can look at models of the universe to prepare. Let us become like the circular curvatures of our mind and mimic the world which is flexible on the outside, fiery in the center and rock-solid within.


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