Moshe Stempel – Based On A Vaad – Pesach And Faith

Tonight R’ Bamberger spoke about the topic of bitachon (faith in Divine Providence). Tonight’s vaad was based on the Ramban’s commentary on Chumash.

The Ramban explains that there are different levels of belief in G-d. On the simplest level, belief in G-d is associated with belief in a Creator. Any intelligent person would agree that the theory of evolution can’t account for the complexity of the world that we live in. Indeed, anyone who ever studied anatomy can’t help but be overwhelmed by the miraculous nature of every faculty that we have. However, true belief in G-d requires that a person recognize the Divine Providence in the world. Relating the account of the Exodus from Egypt is supposed to ingrain within a person the idea that G-d directly controls the events that happen in this world.

The openly miraculous events of the Exodus proved for all time that G-d controls every aspect of Creation. After this clear demonstration of His power, G-d never had to overturn the world every time someone doubted His existence. Thus, the agnostics in the world are refuted by the account of the Exodus from Egypt.

If G-d’s Providence is so clear, why do some people still doubt whether G-d actually controls the world? Some people begin to falter in their faith when they go through physical or emotional suffering. Other people falter when they stumble in various sins. The Ramban’s message to those people is that they should ingrain within themselves the account of the Exodus from Egypt in order to combat their heretical thoughts.

Since our conception of G-d is so closely connected with the events of the Exodus, the holiday of Pesach (Passover) keeps the Jewish people together as a nation. Indeed, even the most secular Jews keep Pesach on some level. It should also be emphasized that the seder night is a time for fathers to transmit to their children the story of the Exodus. Primarily, the seder is not a time for children to demonstrate what they learned in yeshivah throughout the year.

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