Dovid Weinberg – A Direct Descendant Of The Rama – Parsha Eikev – The Heart Of The Matter

In this week’s parsha the Torah speaks on how the heart is our spiritual center.  The Torah is instructing us to cut away the barrier to the heart (Deuteronomy 10:16). The Ramban comments: “Your should know the truth…and you should not err to think that there is any benefit in serving intermediate forces, such as Melachim, Avoda Zara, or the planets.”

After Klal Yisroel experienced the miracle of Yetzias Mitzrayim why would Klal Yisroel give credence to any power other than Hashem, the King of Kings and the Master of the Universe?

In this material world we know that Hashem’s radiance is hidden. Regardless of how clearly Hashem reveals Himself, once the revelation has passed, the Neshema is cast into darkness.  The nature of this “blackout” makes it impossible for humans not to err. You see that a person’s heart is vulnerable to all types of temptations and grasps at any force that seems attractive or powerful enough to benefit him.  

By Klal Yisroel, because of the special favor that we found in the eyes of Hashem, we have been endowed with the clarity to recognize the worthlessness of the un-Godly forces, despite the deceptive comfort of placing one’s Emunah in planets, Melachim, and the superstars. It is known that Hashem instilled a consciousness within every Jewish Neshema. Each person in Klal Yisroel knows that all these deceptive powers are unconditionally and totally subject to the divine will. Hence, Klal Yisroel has an inner light, a sensitivity that enables everyone in Klal Yisroel to distinguish between the truth and falsehood.  

We acknowledge this gift everyday in our morning Davening “Blessed is Hashem…Who separated us from those who stray from the truth.”  You see deep inside of each and everyone in Klal Yisroel’s Neshema we know the truth. However, we must open our hearts to connect with this inner awareness.  

Therefore, the pasuk instructs to “Cut away the barrier to your heart.” The people of Klal Yisroel must see beyond the smokescreen and reject the false persuasions. Then and only then we will be free to fully embrace the eternal Torah and it everlasting truth. This Dvar Torah is based on Da’as Torah of Yerucham Levovitz.  


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