Changing The Pasuk You Were Going To Be Mevarech On While Reciting Birchat HaTorah

Rav Avrohom zt”l poses the question regarding Birchat HaTorah that is mi’diorita, what would be the halacha if one had in mind a specific pasuk he was referencing before he started to say Birchat HaTorah and then changed his mind to use a different verse. Does he have to make the bracha again?

We know in a case of lulav or shofar if one had in mind a certain lulav and shofar then changed his mind to use that specific lulav or shofar, replacing it with another, he must make another bracha. Rav Avrohom says initially one can argue the cases are different because Birchat HaTorah goes on all the Torah that one learned.

However, he asks what if it’s compared to a case where one is planning to make a bracha on one fruit and he has in mind to cover a second fruit that he has in his hand and that fruit falls to the ground. The Mechaber holds a new bracha would be necessary whereas the Rama says a new bracha isn’t required.

However, the Rama might be lenient because of safek brachos lehakhel, but by Birchat HaTorah that is deorita perhaps he would require another bracha. However, Rav Avrohom says the sevara might only exist by brachos on a fruit and not Bitchat HaTorah. He leaves it in a tzarich iyun.

Sefer Bar Almugim – Siman 11

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