Rav Avrohoms zt”l’s “Towering” Bein Hazmanim Shiur

I often escorted Rav Avrohom to shiurim he gave Friday night. He usually spoke in different shuls. On the walk he would always ask my thoughts on a chakirah and that was always the chakirah he discussed in the shiur. However, one shiur, the Bein Hazmanim shiur he gave in Bnei Brak was a standard yearly event and was well known throughout Bnei Brak. He would often go to his son Yossi before he delivered the shiur. The first time I went I was a bit intimidated as the Beis Medrash held hundreds of people and extended far to the back. During the shiur questions would be asked from all four corners of the room and Rav Avrohom would answer them all. It was at one shiur, however, one year that I saw something memorable, something seen done by other Gedolim. Right after he entered the hall, I saw him run, almost sprint to the microphone in the front of the room. Suddenly he appeared to everyone in the front. There was no “few extra seconds of amazement”that the participants could have enjoyed to watch him walk to the stage. Instead, he ran and those present could only stand in amazement of his Torah thoughts but not his physical presence.

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