Important Insight By Rabbi Frand – From A Recent Video I Heard

Isra”el” and Ishma”el”both embody G-d’s name (“el”). This is a frightening proposition! If Yishmael contains Hashem’s name within it, how are we supposed to beat them? The answer must that we can’t only match them in their strengths, but we must surpass them. What are the strenghts of Yishmael? The first is tefillah. Hagar prayed to G-d and an angel assured her of safety and a future generation. It’s no coincidence that Yitzchak who was the first prototype to battle Yishael came from the exact place that Hagar davened when he went to beseech G-d with prayer. Secondly, Yishmael has the natural inclination of Mesirath Nefesh. Throughout history, they wiped out Jews with barbaric tactics. Today it manifests itself in the form of suicide bombers. How can we counteract this? What is our Mesirath Nefesh that is necessary? Well Nefesh doesn’t only mean “body” – it also means “ratzon” desire. We must place G-d’s wishes before our desires. It must be “He” before “Me.” To win, we need prayer and the placing of G-d’s will before our own.

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