An Unexpected Surprise And Moving Story With Rabbi Nagen (Genack)

Today Rabbi Nagen (Genack) came to the OU office to visit as he is in from Israel. My uncle and I were overjoyed. He brought his new sefer, Nishmat HaMishna, with him. He told us a moving story – that on the Friday night before Dafna¬†Meir a”h was murdered, he gave a drasha on the importance to not let time “machmitz” – elongate – but rather to take action and effectuate change immediately. The next morning Dafna Meir a”l told my cousin that his “drasha” had a great impact on her and that she now adapted such a stance realizing the need to take action immediately with the knowledge that every moment counts. Indeed, for the last full day of her life she mastered the moment and must have lived every moment to the fullest. (How many of us even contemplate this in our lifetime?) The next day she was murdered. Rabbi Nagen dedicated the book to a few people and she was one of them.

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